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Technical parts

Our standard range includes nozzle discs etched on both sides, layer thickness gauges, belt clips, key inserts and pipe clamps made of Aluminium or steinless steel, as well as back-printed, crystal-clear parts made of polycarbonate, polyester or polypropylene. We manufacture individual surfaces and coatings of high quality and precision.
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Front and decor covers

Front and decorative panels made of aluminium, brass or stainless steel are part of an MMS (man-machine-system) and make every product appear effective and functional at the same time and enable the reliable operation of many devices.
Front panels can be carriers of various built-in parts and have cutouts for standardized parts in the electronics industry.
The surface is semi-matt or brushed.
It is installed using screws, threaded pins on the back or a double-sided adhesive film.
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Scales and measuring sticks

According to your specifications, we produce technical parts such as scales and measuring sticks for you. There are no limits to the areas of application. We manufacture individual surfaces and coatings of high quality and precision.

Temperature labels

Temperature labels are used wherever objects and environments need to be monitored for their temperature. Whether as a warning, as evidence or for control, we have both reversible and irreversible labels in our portfolio.

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Wet film thickness gauges

Wet film thickness gauges are used to measure the thickness of an application of paint, for example. They have indentations of different lengths on several sides, which are labeled with the corresponding layer thickness. For testing, the measuring part is placed on the freshly painted surface. Where the paint adheres to the notch, the user can read the appropriate thickness.

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