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Technical parts

Front and decor covers

Front and decorative panels made of aluminum, brass or stainless steel are part of an MMS (man-machine system) and make every product advertising effective and functional at the same time, while they enable the reliable operation of devices. Front panels can support various built-in parts and have cutouts for standardized parts in the electronics industry. The surface is satin matt or brushed. Installation is carried out using screws, set screws on the back or a double-sided adhesive film.

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Technical specifications


starting at 10 x 10 mm and according to DIN 825:2004-12


One or more colors, raised, recessed or matt blank


etched, anodized, printed, embossed or engraved


Stainless steel (V2A & V4A), aluminium, brass

Attached by

Screws, rivets, adhesive foil

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