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Serial data

Serial data is indispensable in today's digitally determined business. Whether as a scannable operating aid, for marking and identifying objects or for logistical organization. Our digital processes make it possible to produce a large number of seriel data, including non-sequential ones.
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Consecutive data

Sequential data can be fields or labels that differ from sign to sign. This includes classic serial numbers, device designations or technical information such as the performance of a device. Our digital printing processes allow the production of different signs within a low-cost edition.

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Classic barcodes are used in almost every sector to identify and electronically process products. We support almost every known system. Typical systems are Code39, Code128 or EAN-13. As part of a sign we are able to produce sequential data ourselves.

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QR-Codes (and others)

Modern 2D codes such as QR codes, Datamatrix, PDF417, Aztec and others are used to identify parts or to efficiently store data on an object. Modern logistics solutions are hardly imaginable without barcodes nowadays. Such data - also provided with ongoing seriel data - can be applied to almost any material.

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