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Metal signs

Type plates

In addition to identification plates, machine plates, motor and pump plates, type plates are an important part of technical products. Flat or curved, die-cut and provided with a logo according to your specifications, nameplates carry important information and are also excellent advertising. If desired, we can number the signs consecutively or integrate a barcode/QR code. Texts are possible in all languages, as is double-sided printing.

kilian metallschilder typenschilder 06

Technical specifications


starting at 10 x 10 mm and according to DIN 825:2004-12


One or more colors, raised, recessed or matt blank


etched, anodized, printed, embossed or engraved


Stainless steel (V2A & V4A), aluminium, brass

Attached by

Screws, rivets, adhesive foil

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