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Kilian. A sign of its own.

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Wielox® Innovation

Our brand Wielox combines the affordability of aluminum with the flexibility of digital printing.

By applying UV digital printing ink, there are no limits to the complexity of the print. Whether photos, color gradients, white areas or series data - Wielox makes it possible.

The high durability of the color is guaranteed by a special adhesive layer that bonds aluminum and digital printing ink for a long time.

The environmentally friendly production combined with the weather resistance makes Wielox a modern and affordable product.

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Noble and yet indestructible signs made of etched stainless steel are the pinnacle of the sign world. The deepening of parts of the sign makes the lettering indestructible against all chemical and thermal influences. Timeless and robust, this creates a real trademark.

At the same time, the look of Kilinox offers a haptic and visual experience - no sign looks more noble and at the same time resists vandalism.

Whether for RoHS/REACH compliant and food safe signage or as a decorative element, Kilinox is made to stay.

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Anodized signs of our brand Parallelox offer extreme durability by allowing colors into the deeper layers of material.

They are absolutely solvent-resistant and vandalism-proof. The ideal fusion of durability and affordability has a name – Parallelox.

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High-quality injection molded parts, synthetic resin domings with a sophisticated feel and other decorative design elements such as labels or plastics printed on the back fall within the Pristinox range.

With digital printing, there are no limits to the creative design options. Stylish wall signs, backlit advertising space and meaningful warnings are just a few of the possible applications.

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