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Metallic classics

Three materials have proven particularly useful for metal industrial signs: Aluminium, stainless steel and brass. Metal signs are optically high-quality, refine your products and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use - a robust and timeless classic.


Aluminum is very common in the signage industry and allows for low-cost, high-volume production.

Aluminum can be printed, painted, embossed, engraved or anodized, i.e. electrolytically oxidized. An oxide layer is created by anodizing, in whose open pores an oxide layer is embedded using various printing processes. Closing the pores makes the colors durable and abrasion-resistant, while the metal structure remains recognizable. The surface remains flat, non-slip and insensitive to solvents.

The combination of digital printing and aluminum results in a universal, robust, environmentally friendly and inexpensive product. Colors according to your ideas, surfaces glossy, matt or brushed.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is a recognizable high quality, robust and durable material. It lasts almost forever in the version etched or milled - i.e. without color inlay. In container construction and in the offshore area (V4A), stainless steel signs are particularly suitable for almost unlimited use.

They are also of great importance in the food industry because of the chemically neutral surfaces.

Stainless steel signs can be screwed or welded and are characterized by an excellent price-performance ratio - especially in large series. We mainly process the materials 1.4301, 1.4404 and 1.4571 in a thickness of 0.3 to 3.0 mm.


Brass plates are preferred in ship and tank construction as well as in the vehicle industry. They are also very popular as decorative individual pieces for advertising and company signs.

Brass can be engraved, milled, printed and etched. We use Ms 58 for engraving and Ms 63 for etching. The relief-like or blank surface, together with deepened or colored writing, creates a particularly elegant effect, which is permanently protected by a clear lacquer coating. A dark natural patina can also be achieved on request.

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Type plates

Typeplates are next to machine-, identification, engine and pump plates are an important part of technical products. Curved or flat, die-cut and provided with a logo according to your specifications: Typeplate holders contain important information and at the same time excellent advertising space.

On request, we can also number the signs consecutively or integrate a bar/QR code. Prints on both sides are possible, as are texts in all languages.

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Container signs

Particularly high demands are placed on these signs. We manufacture them from high-quality stainless steel in thickness of 2 to 4 mm. Both tank signs according to DIN EN 12561-1 as well as wagon signs and CSC signs (CSC Safety Approval) should last the service life of the respective product and are often exposed to extreme conditions.
Our etched signs are extremely durable, vandalism-proof, of high quality and meet all the requirements for permanent and clearly recognizable identification.
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Case Labels

Case labels for case cards, logo plates, production labels and tool boxes for event– and stage technology – event– and media technology are robust, rewritable and effective for advertising. Optically high-quality designs are made possible by our anodised underprint and digital print.
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Pump signs

Pump labels are an important part of all technical products. Consecutive numbering and the specification of a bar/QR code is possible. Texts in European and non-European languages ​​can be used without any problems. Printing on both sides is possible. Flat or curved, die-cut and provided with a logo according to your specifications, industrial signs are carriers of important information and at the same time objects of excellent advertising.


Hint and warning signs

Whether to mark workspaces, machines or escape routes; almost everywhere information and warning signs are used. Manufactured according to standards and according to your specific requirements, our signs meet your criteria.

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Fence signs

These are quite common: Fence signs attached to fences provide information about the display. Due to the various printing options, there are hardly any limits to the design and weaving effect.

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