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Plastic signs

Plastic signs have numerous possible applications, both in decorative areas and in technical applications. Materials such as polyester or polycarbonate, but also laminates, have their very special properties and are printed in one or more colors using screen printing and digital printers. Digital printing works without chemicals and without contact with a high level of positional accuracy and has a wide range of applications thanks to different inks.
Almost all colors can be printed in screen printing, including those with special effects such as mother-of-pearl, anti-reflective or transparent.
The surface of plastics can have different effects and contain transparent fields or cutouts. The back is provided with a suitable adhesive for assembly.

Type plates

In addition to identification, machine, motor and pump plates, type plates are an important part of technical products. Flat or curved, die-cut and provided with a logo according to your specifications, nameplates carry important information and are also excellent advertising.

If desired, we can number the signs consecutively or integrate a bar/QR code. Texts are possible in all languages, as is double-sided printing.

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Case labels

Case labels for toolboxes, logo plates, production labels and case cards for stage, media and event technology can be rewritten, are robust and effective in advertising. Anodized underprinting and digital printing enable optically high-quality design.

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Contrast scales

Plastic contrast discs with printed scales are used to display filling levels. They are resistant, for example, to hydraulic oil and AdBlue® and are ideal for machines and equipment that make these levels monitorable.

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Hint and warning signs

Whether to mark escape routes machines or work areas, warning and information signs are used almost everywhere. Manufactured according to your specifications and standards, our signs meet all requirements.


Magnetic signs

Magnetic signs offer high visibility and residue-free removal. This makes them ideal for metal surfaces - whether as temporary maintenance signs on elevators, as seasonal vehicle advertising or as a flexible solution for shelving systems.

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