• Serial number plates for machine types
  • Marking signs
  • Name plates
  • Motor signs
  • Plates for pump and valves

Industrial signs are an effective media for target information and are important components for all types of technical products.

Serial numbering and coding is possible as well as fonts for foreign languages and double sided printing.

Variable in size and form and with your individual design and logo these signs are decorative and informative your products.


Technical Specifications:

Measurements: From 10 x 10 mm and according to DIN 825:2004-12
Text: in one or several colours, elevated, sunken or with a polished & dull finish
Finish: etched, anodised, printed, stamped or engraved
Materials: Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass and Polycarbonates
Attachment:  clamps, rivets, screws or adhesive tape