Our Company Culture

1. Obligation
We commit ourselves to 100% success. We are indebted to our mission, company culture and the success of the business, as well as to our present and future sign team and of course to our estimated customers.

2. Responsibility
We truly feel responsible for our activities and the results of these. We consider ourselves responsible for what happens at our workplace and in our lives. We are accountable for the results produced. We are aware that for changes firstly the change of ourselves is necessary.

3. Integrity
We always speak the truth. What we promise, we keep. We only make agreements, whether with others or with ourselves, which we want and actually intend to keep. In the case of broken contracts we will communicate these at the first opportunity and clarify immediately.

4. Excellence
Good isn’t good enough. We always deliver goods and services of exceptional quality, which bring lasting benefits for us and our customers. We constantly search for ways to achieve more with less outlay. In this we also strive for continual improvements and renewals.

5. Communication
We always speak positively of our the members of our sign team, our customers and our company, both in public and in private. We will always attempt to speak with good objectives and to conduct our communication positively and edifyingly. We are not sarcastic or babblers. Neither do we give ear to gossip or chatter. We greet and take our leave from our fellows by name. Before we seek a solution we excuse ourselves for any inconveniences. We speak with the person concerned directly.

6. Success
We focus our thoughts, energies and attention on the successful conclusion of what we are presently doing. Win and let win. We strive for the win-win situation. We always attempt to show this with our inner pride, development, competence and personal awareness. We are successful personalities!

7. Formation
We learn from mistakes. We learn constantly, grow and develop so that we can help our fellow sign team members and our customers to develop. Instead of mere theory we impart practical and useful knowledge.

8. Teamwork
We are all team members and team leaders in one. We do all we can to keep the team together and to reach the team goals. We concentrate on cooperation and seek real solutions and not only mediocre compromises. We are flexible in our work and capable to make changes in case something doesn’t function. When we require help we ask for it and are emphatic when others require our assistance.

9. Work-Life-Balance
We have a balanced attitude to life and don’t forget that thoughtfulness, social, bodily and family aspects are also as important as financial and occupational. We first complete our work and the important matters so that we have the sufficient time for ourselves, our family and for recreation.

10. Friends
We see our life as a journey for pleasure, to be accepted and to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness, so that our fellows can enjoy the same.

11. Systems
We seek systematic solutions. When we encounter a challenge we first adapt the system then the person. System changes are always tried first.

12. Consistancy
We are constant in our activities so that our customers and the members of our sign team can always reckon with us. When we are disciplined in our work good results, growth and success will always be constant.

13. Thankfulness
We are always thankful. We express our thankfulness often and gratefully show this recognition in various ways. We celebrate our successes and those of our customers and of the members of our sign team. We are always watchful that we and our fellows do things correctly!

14. Richness
We are rich personalities. We earn richness and we are easily capable of giving and receiving plentifully. We permit generosity in all areas of life in that we respect our own self esteem and that of all others. We will be repaid with the measure of generosity which we are prepared to grant others.