The term milling is applied to the process of removing shavings of metals, wood or plastic, etc. with the aid of a milling tool.

This is done on special tooling machines, generally a milling machine or a milling centre. In CNC-milling up to 5 axis can be programmed on a mill.

For the sign industry there are flat mills and profile mills, as well as form mills and mills using water jets.

Depending on the material in question a good depth can be attained. A contour can be milled out without the use of a special tool.

The milling of stainless steel signs is very time consuming and costly on the material side and in large series is not an economical process compared to etching.

Since 2014 a water jet cutter complements our production facilities. It is capable of cutting virtually any material (steel, aluminium, brass, PVC) using a very high-pressure jet of water and an abrasive substance with unbeatable precision and up to 200mm thickness. We use the waterjet mainly for complex shapes, technical parts and low quantity serial production.