The process of etching, also called chemical milling or chemical engraving, is the most well known method of manufacturing metal signs with a relief structured surface in large quantities.

In this process certain parts of the surfaces are covered with etch resistant and the exposed areas are removed with an acid or alkaline solution to a certain depth.

Colours can be applied as an infill and the cleaned surface is covered with a clear lacquer seal. In combination with sunken text and raised polished surface a colour inlay print can give a sophisticated design.

Etching is the process to choose in order to achieve durable, decorative and rationally good results even in series.
The matt / polished finish is appealing and especially lasting as it doesn’t have the colour infill. This finish is always chosen where chemical, mechanical or temperature and weathering influences are to be expected to affect the signs.

Because of the relief structure of the stainless steel plates they are almost ever-lasting and indestructable as the typography stays clearly legible.